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Who is the admin?

PoolInvestors.com is administered by Shebin John aka Remedcu known online. He is a SEO expert, and has been working till the last april for MTV. He is also a php coder and designer. He designed the homepage himself of the parent site of PoolInvestors.com, i.e. the EntrepreneurUnified.com. He has been with many online programs, and now has laid a sure shot plan to help everyone to earn online.


What is the connection of PoolInvestors.com and EntrepreneurUnified.com?

Both these sites are administered by Shebin John. Entrepreneur Unified is the parent site. It is an advertisement site, and the main aim of the site it to make an array of different advertisement providing website along with a chance for its members to earn too using this.

The advertisement provided in these site is of top quality and are priced at its best. A part of the revenue from PoolInvestors.com will be added as the dividends to the parent site EntrepreneurUnified.com

Also, the future sites under the EntrepreneurUnified.com will help to add more funds to the reset funds in PoolInvestors.com. More about Reset Fund is said later, please have a look.


Is registration free?

Yes, the registration is free. But if you need to buy advertisement position, then you need to have membership in PoolInvestors.com. You are free to join and buy RPs and advertisements in Entrepreneur Unified.com


When can I start earning?

PoolInvestors.com provides multiple income opportunities. We offer an exclusive access to unique personal feature offering an easy method to advertise personal website in our website. At the same time a general two level referral system which shares commissions on any upgrade or advertising purchases.

Another income method will be when your advertisement position gets cycled. Also, we have the parent site where you can buy Royalty Positions, which entitle you to a fixed percentage of monthly net income, thus you get dividends every week. You can also sell them for profit.

The main way you will earn with Pool Investor is by buying Advertisement Pack and referring others to buy our Advertisement Packages. It's the best, most unique Advertisement platform in the industry and we will be around for many, many years to come. You can feel confident referring others to use Pool Investors.


Is there an affiliate program?

Members earn 25% of 1st level Membership purchases, and earn 15% of 2nd level Membership Purchase. That is 40% as refferal commission!

Members earn 3% of 1st level referral Ad Package purchases, and earn 2% of 2nd level referral Ad Package Purchase.


Can I have multiple accounts?

No, it is not allowed. If you are found out to use multiple account, then your account will be banned.


Is this a Revshare, PTC, GH & PH or Paid-to-Click program?

No. It is not.


How is this program different from the rest?

The Pool Investor provides a unique opportunity for it's members to advertise with the rest of the world! Members will receive Advertisement Packages according to the amount they purchased instantly. And can be used to advertise any program.

With the funds raised, Pool Investor will be sending bonus, though not necessarily, and also a part of the funds will be used to pay dividends to users in the parent site Entrepreneur Unified.


What Payment Processors are accepted?

Currently, we accept PayzaSolidTrustPayPerfect Money, BitCoin, Payeer. Besides, we accept LTC, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, dash, dogecoin, ether, lisk, mintcoin, nubits, namecoin, novacoin, peercoin, startcoin, vertcoin via Coinpayment APIs!

Also, OkPay via Payeer API!

Also, you can fund us through AdvCash or Bank Wire, for this you need to send us a support ticket, and we will guide you through this process.

Anyways, we’ll keep adding more Payment Processors to the list as we move forward!

If you think that we should start accepting a certain Payment Processor, don’t hesitate to tell us about it, opening a support ticket regarding the matter!


What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $5


What is the minimum cashout?

The minimum cashout is $5


Is this business sustainable?

Yes! This business is 100% sustainable. The business model here does not create debt. You join to enjoy the revenue benefits provided by the system including the multiple advertising options. There is no chance of this creating debt.

How do you make profits to pay cycled positions?

At the moment profits are derived from two source:

  • Advertising Revenue from Advertisement Purchases.
  • Membership Purchases
  • Surf Free Vacation Purchase
  • Fees - Transactions such as withdraws and deposits generate fees that are additionally contributed to the net income of the company.

Additional revenue streams will be developed in the future.


What is Advertisement Position?

Advertisement Positions are assets that can be bought from the site. The site allows you to purchase from Pool Investor. The price is determined by the site admin, thus administration has the right to change the pricing of the Advertisement Position any time.


How do the Advertisement Positions work?

Each Advertisement position entitles you to a percentage of net income when your position is in front. Thus you receive profit if you have position in front of line.


Do I have to have a membership of PoolInvestor.com to purchase positions?

At this time, yes.  You should have membership in PoolInvestors.com to access those pages and buy Advertisement Positions. 


How to buy Advertisement Positions?

You can buy the advertisement position either by first depositing the amount in our site through the Add Funds page. Or you can directly select the no. of positions you wish to buy, and then pay using the payment processor. We highly recommend to make the deposit first as it will reduce the hassle. You can also buy Advertisement Position using the earned balance before.


What is the limit to buy Advertisement Positions?

You can buy any no. of Advertisement Positions per day, there is no limit to that. But you can only add 10 tokens per day to the queue (5 at a time)


Why the Positions are not moving in line?

Whenever new tokens are added to the queue, the positions in line moves, and get payed. If no user adds it, then the position does not move. There is nothing an Admin can do with regard to that.


What are Reset Funds?

Reset Funds are funds which will be used to pay all the users who are having positions in the Line when the line will be reset. The line will be reset when a certain condition occurs which is administered by the admin.


When does the Reset Occurs?

A reset in the cycler occurs when there was not even one cycled position in the last 200 hours. This condition can be changed depending on the circumstances, members, etc.


My Question is not answered here, what shall I do?

If you are sure that your question is not answered here, please make a support ticket. We usually give a reply within 24 hours, but sometimes may take upto 72 hours too.

Or else you can contact the admin directly through any of the below measures:

Skype: remedcu

EMail: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/togetherinvesting

We do our best to make our customers happy.