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Pool Investors is a website which aims to give unlimited hits to any website with affordable price. The website is a perfect way for blogs, websites, entrepreneurs, etc for getting more readers, viewers and leads.

The Pool Investors is a website under the parent site Entrepreneur Unified

In short:

    1. You can earn upto 130%
    2. Get unlimited hits to your website
    3. Upto 40% referral commission
    4. Mechanism for everyone to get paid (Reset Fund, explained later)
  • 2 Level Referral Structure
  1. $1 Ad Pack gives Text Credits and Banner Credits!
  2. Affordable Membership and Ad Packs.


You need to register yourself in the website first:

You can register yourself in here: http://www.poolinvestors.com/register

After registration, you can login here: http://www.poolinvestors.com/login

A user needs a membership to participate in this and earn upto 130% returns!

Anyone can buy membership depending on the type they want from the link given below:


There are different membership with different price and different surfing requirements and limit to the no. of sites which can be listed.



  • This membership costs $7 per month along with 5 tokens and ad credits
  • Buy 2 get 1 free months if you buy 3 months membership together.
  • $25 membership cost for 3 months along with 20 tokens and ad credits
  • 10 Sites to surf Daily for 15 seconds
  • Can list 1 site for getting unlimited traffic

Super Earners

  • This membership costs $14 per month along with 10 tokens and ad credits
  • Buy 2 get 1 free months if you buy 3 months membership together
  • $50 membership cost for 3 months along with 40 tokens and ad credits
  • 5 Sites to surf Daily for 20 seconds
  • Can list 5 site for getting unlimited traffic


  • This membership costs $23 per month along with 15 tokens and ad credits
  • Buy 2 get 1 free months if you buy 3 months membership together
  • $80 membership cost for 3 months along with 60 tokens and ad credit
  • 1 Sites to surf Daily for 30 seconds
  • Can list 10 site for getting unlimited traffic 

So, that’s about Membership.

A small representation from one of our members on how to buy PI Membership is shown:



Now as you have bought a membership, now what you need is  Ad Packs.

One AdPack costs just $1!

With that you will be getting Banner Credits (to be used with 125x125 or 468x60 or 728x90 Banner Sizes)

You will be getting Text Ad Credits too!

You can buy Ad Packs from:


You can buy as many AdPacks as you like. There is no restrictions on that.

After you have bought the AdPacks, you will get tokens as a bonus, so that you can earn upto 130% of the AdPack Price from the revenue Pool.

How to earn upto 130%?

As you buy AdPacks or membership, you will get tokens.

You need to trade those tokens to get positions through this link:


Here you can see, there is an option to select the no. of tokens to be traded.

You can only trade 5 tokens at a time, and then have to wait 5 minutes to trade again.

And also, you can trade only 10 tokens per day. This is to keep the momentum going, rather than trading all the positions together.

You can see your position details from here:


You can see the whole line from here:


Now to keep your positions active, you need to meet a certain surfing requirements according to your membership.

Surfing Requirements

Depending on the membership type, you need to surf a certain no. of sites for a particular period. You can see your surfing requirements in your dashboard:


To surf ads, you can use the following link:


If you don’t want to surf, you can also use a surf vacation. A surf vacation can save you from 1 week surfing, that means, you won’t be required to surf for those 7 days.

You can buy surf free vacation from here:


You can buy for as many weeks as required.

Cycler Reset

Now we will tell you when the cycler resets.

The specific rules of cycler can be found here:


The main part to read on when the cycler resets is: “Cycler will run a minimum of 21 days before a reset will occur. After 21 days, the cycler queue will be reset when fewer than 15 positions cycle in 12 hours.“

Now what happens when a reset happens?

The Queue is cleared, and all the positions will be resetted.

Internal Working

Now we will explain to you, how the system actually works. And why we say we don’t make any debt, even though if we are giving 130%, right? Seems impossible? No, it is not. Actually the system is pretty simple.

When a user buys a membership, AdPack or a Surf Free Vacation, major part of the money goes to revenue pool & reset pool.

Revenue Pool

A revenue pool is the funds acquired from Memberships, AdPacks and Surf Free Vacation Purchase.

This revenue pool is used to pay the funds to users whose position gets cycled.

When a position get’s cycled, $1.3 is reduced from the revenue pool, and paid to the user.

The revenue pool is only used to give a bonus to the user.

Reset Pool

A reset pool is also the funds acquired from Memberships, AdPacks and Surf Free Vacation Purchase. But it is not as major part as revenue pool.

When the reset pool is required? When the cycler reset rule is fulfilled, all the positions in the queue are removed.

Then all the users who had an active position in the queue, will be getting an equal amount per position from the reset pool.

This may/maynot be 130%

Why we say may/maynot? May not, because, as the queue grows, the reset funds will not be sufficient to pay all the users who have an active position to pay upto 130% returns.

Why we say may? Because the reset funds also include membership purchases, which sometimes users use to buy for 3 months (as we have a 20% discount on that!)
Also, we have surf free vacation purchases, which is a complete debt remover.

And also, under Entrepreneur Unified, we will be having more websites soon, which will be adding to the reset funds and revenue pool as we move forward. Thus increasing our chance to earn upto 130% returns.


Any more Questions?

Still got any more questions?

Please contact:

Skype: remedcu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/togetherinvesting

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Or you can use the support form in the website.


Hope you join our website.


Have a great day :)