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Refund Policy


Any funds deposited with The Website may be withdrawn. Any applicable deposit and withdrawal fees will apply. Purchase of Advertisement Positions is between The Website and cannot be refunded once completed. The Website and The Company only facilitate such purchases.

All purchased items (Upgrade fees for membership, Advertisement Positions and any other purchases in the website) are non-refundable ( NO REFUND). Charge back or reverse transactions made on your purchases will lead to immediate account termination.

By signing up at our website, and purchasing advertising, you agree to the PoolInvestors.com refund policy stated below:

PoolInvestors.com is an online Advertisement company. Advertising purchases are instantly delivered after purchase and referral commissions paid to their sponsors.

Your advertising is available to you and commissions are paid immediately after payments are made. With that said there will be NO refunds granted.

Your purchase of Advertisement positions in PoolInvestors.com is not an investment or deposit of any kind. The earnings is only a bonus. All Advertisement banners/Ad campaigns/Membership purchases are are non-refundable.